School News

TRAFFIC SAFETY – Important Please Read

Traffic has become an increasing concern around Montecito School.  For the safety of all our children, please obey the laws and do not U-turn or use cell phones while driving, as it puts our students at great risk!

In addition, please obey posted traffic signs indicating where parking is allowed and where it is not. Our Student Safety Patrol place orange cones along Montecito Avenue to help remind you where cars should not be parking. We need to keep the sightlines and crosswalk area clear.

Everyone’s schedules are tight these days and it becomes very tempting to stop in a “no stopping” zone “just this one time”. Please keep in mind that it only takes a split second to make a single mistake that can have tragic results. With 267 students attending Montecito Elementary you can imagine the chaos that would ensue if everyone decided to stop in a no stopping zone “just this one time”.

Please help us set a positive example for all our children. Thank you!

Please click here for the map regarding parking and drop-off zones.