SchoolCash Online

Welcome to SchoolCash Online!

School Cash Online is an online parent portal that offers a safe, fast and convenient way to pay for school activity fees.  The portal is customized to meet your school’s needs and allows you, as a parent, to make payments, check current balance/account history, print or review receipts, and receive notifications about upcoming events.  Please click here for a quick overview.

Step by Step Registration Instructions

Please click here for Step by Step instructions to register.  It takes less than 5 minutes to register for this safe and convenient payment option.

SchoolCash Online accepts Credit Card Payments.

Effective April 2018 School Cash accepts Credit Card Payments, Visa and Mastercard, not American Express for on-line payments.  Parents will now have three choices when checking out and paying on SchoolCash.

  • e-check
  • mywallet
  • visa/mastercard

Click here to see an example of the NEW payment screen.

SchoolCash Online FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please click here for full information.